Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

To initiate, develop, and facilitate national and global Christian ministries.

Our Mission

  1. Focus on unreached and disenfranchised people
  2. Partner with donors, missionaries, and ministries of like faith
  3. Facilitate, support, and care for ICMS family members
  4. Discern and initiate opportunities and partnerships with others
  5. to further the vision, mission and objectives of ICMS

Our Values

  • A passion for God
  • Living in submission to His Word, the Bible
  • Complete dependence on God in all areas of life and ministry
  • The centrality of evangelism and building the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Loving our neighbour (world wide) as we love ourselves
  • Integrity and quality
  • Full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Openness in financial and operational matters
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing our vision
  • A desire to achieve consensus and unity in all our endeavours
  • Striving to identify with and relate to all people as equal under God

Our Outcomes

Our desire is to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to be in submission to His will. He will bring together those circumstances and people He has foreordained for the good works he has prepared for us before the foundations of the earth. We serve as His servants in providing administrative direction; training and member care support so field workers can serve more effectively.