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Member Care Policy


The ICMS ministry model emphasizes the need for each member to develop and maintain a faithful personal support network. Each member’s network is the “first responder and primary provider” of physical, financial, relational and spiritual support as necessary, in order to maintain and grow healthy and effective ministry. ICMS itself offers to each member – counsel in establishing their individual support network, as well as providing direction and control of the ministry itself.

In addition to the above, ICMS offers the “pastoral” services of our Executive Director, prayer support of our office staff and, by way of a regularly published prayer diary, the sharing of member prayers, submitted and circulated to the ICMS family of members. Together, all the above comprise “Core Member Care” tools and features of the ICMS ministry framework.

Over the course of time, there may arise a specific circumstance that extends beyond the capability or capacity of the supports listed below. In such a case, ICMS offers “Extended Member Care” tools in order to regain balance and help define a path forward. This policy describes tools that are made available, with some financial support by ICMS, to our family of missionaries.

Each Extended Member Care service is designed to address different kinds of need. Some may be acute; others may be chronic, and still others may address aspirational goals of career and calling. All are restorative and all are confidential.

Features of Extended Member Care (“EMC”)

There are three levels of Extended Member Care:

Self Directed Care

ICMS has subscribed to an extensive online library of videos, workbooks and resources that focus specifically on personal care and professional development. Topics range from Leadership Development, Teamwork, Communication, Culture Building and more, from top-notch speakers and authorities. ICMS has subscribed to this service and offers it free of charge to the ICMS member community. It is not available to Members employees, contractors or related parties. For more information, contact the office. You will receive an invitation along with a link to access this library when you initially apply for membership.

Transitional Care

  1. APEX - Clarifying your Major Role: This level is about clarifying your call and major role. It is a relational, self discovery process that opens up conversation and aimed at finding focus to one’s life and ministry. It is a two-and-a-half-day dive… to listen to God in order to discover and discern what fruitful and fulfilling ministry looks like for you. This is best done in a small group setting, and may be offered 2-3 times a year, as needs arise. The leader is a former Pastor and change management consultant with over 30 years of experience. The financial costs of the presenter are borne by ICMS. The time commitment, plus any travel or other costs are borne by the member. For more information, contact our office.
  2. BN Life Coaching: Personal, one-on-one counselling, hourly, in person (Mid-Western US) or via video call (ZOOM or other).

Crisis Care

When there is significant trauma in one’s life that leads to a loss of sense of “balance”, it’s best to seek counsel from outside of their immediate whirlwind of emotions, to gain perspective.

ICMS has received favourable references for the following optional sources of assistance:

  1. Olive Tree Counselling Ministry: Recommended and used by major ministries. In-depth, in person ministry focused. Located in Antalya, Turkey.
  2. Oasis Retreats Canada: In-person or online. Ministry focused. Common themes are ministry boundaries, church conflict, relational health intensive, burnout, marriage and ministry, compassion fatigue. Located in Fort Langley BC, Canada.
  3. Focus on the Family Kerith Retreats: Two locations, one in Alberta and one in Manitoba Canada. Seven days of Psalm 46:10a, be still and know that I am God. Rest, recalibrate, Re-engage with your ministry.

Costs for the above services vary significantly, according to urgency, degree of need and length of engagement. ICMS has limited resources to absorb costs of behalf of a member in a crisis situation.

While trusting God to provide the funds, ICMS hereby offers to each Member, a one-time cost-share on a 50-50 basis, the first ten hours of hourly billing in support of restoration to health of the individual, following a traumatic event.

To engage with any of the above services, please contact the ICMS office for further information and a referral.