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Within an agency framework, ICMS provides direction and oversight to more than seventy expressions of our missional focus in over 40 countries around the world.

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New! We've updated our Member Care Policy to include extended care tools.

Over the course of time, there may arise a specific circumstance that extends beyond the capability of capacity of all the above supports. In such a case, ICMS offers “Extended Member Care” tools in order to regain balance and help define a path forward.

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Our Service Vision

1. Personal Mission Resourcing

2. Organizational Services

  • understanding of ICMS charitable objectives
  • developing policy statements
  • reporting to government agencies

3. Oversight Services

  • timely reporting and accountability
  • monitoring goal achievement
  • assuring charity compliance

4. Financial Services

  • donation receipting and disbursements
  • budget accountability
  • fundraising coaching

5. Facility Services

  • mission resource destination
  • shared technology and space
  • library of mission resources

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ICMS ministers in over 40 countries around the world. From Bible schools to orphanages, from self help, literacy and feeding programs. ICMS ensures that projects meet high standards of accountability and Christian witness.

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