Loving The Least of These Min. International

Loving The Least of These Ministries Int. is a ministry committed to providing holistic support services for individuals in crisis so that they may be redeemed, restored and experience radical transformation. Our vision is to equip, educate and empower people by breaking the cycle of poverty whereby the individual can reach their full potential in Christ.

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    South America
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    Rev. Tonya Kucey

Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of Loving The Least of These Min. International. Accepts donations in both CAD and USD.


Equip-breaking the cycle of poverty through evangelism, education, economic strengthening and life skills counseling.

Empower-the individual to reach full spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, social and academic potential.

Engage-the community in the awareness of needs of those in crisis and motivate them to take necessary action.

Experience-transformational change in a country.

LTLT Ministries International provides Christ-centred support services to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs of children and families through transitioning "at-risk" children from the streets of Haiti, out of human slavery and institutions and returned to their biological families or placed with foster families.

Through the work of the Kuceys in Haiti, LTLTMI runs a Transition House - The House of Hope - in a suburb of the capital, Port-au Prince. The House of Hope is staffed by a team of trained care givers, all Haitians, that provide supervision and care 24/7 to children rescued from the streets of Haiti, and transferred to The House of Hope with the permission of the Haitian government.