Advocacy Global

Compelled by Christ's love and in partnership with His body, the church, Advocacy Global serves as a champion for the world's most vulnerable people: to break the spiritual, economic, social and physical bonds of poverty and help them flourish.

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    Ray & Carolyn Majoran

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We believe that Christ is the key to human flourishing (John 10:10). Every project and partnership we undertake has a disciple-making focus. We want orphans and widows living in extreme poverty — those we would describe as the world’s most vulnerable people — to know and follow Him. That’s why we’re there.

Our vision is to inspire a movement of people who are unoblivious — loving God and neighbor in ways that transcend cultural norms and reflect the self-giving nature of Jesus Christ — and to invite them to fully embrace the opportunities for mission and ministry that are right in front of them, no matter where they live and no matter how affluent or impoverished they may be.


To know Christ is to practice a kind of benevolence that refuses to neglect the human soul. While we are committed to ministering to the whole person, the eternal destiny of each man, woman, and child we serve is of supreme importance to us. Through what we say and do, our hope is that new life will spring forth in places that have been ravaged by all manner of evil, poverty, and disease.

Everything we do happens with the body of Christ. As we extend the kingdom of God, bringing light to dark places, we go in partnership with other Christian brothers and sisters — their love, prayers, and support are vital. As we bear witness to all that God has done for us in Christ in a particular place, we do so in relationship with the church — not independently, but interdependently.

We are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ, especially among the unreached and most vulnerable, and to helping indigenous leaders and churches fulfill the Great Commission and embrace the Great Commandment. Whether in an overcrowded slum or a rural village, we believe the Gospel changes hearts and lives and brings hope, no matter how despairing the circumstances.