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Movies are watched all over the world. Even Muslims and Russians love movies. Movies changes minds, stir hearts and wake people to new ideas. Although Christians consume movies just like everyone else, we don’t know how to use them for the cause of Christ. The most powerful tool ever created for evangelism, teaching and cultural change – but we know so little about it. At Creation Point Ministries we seek to change that. We see a time when thousands of Christians are trained in the mass media, hundreds of churches and/or groups are making movies with a Christian worldview, and God-honoring films are everywhere – in theaters, on Netflix and on TV – impacting culture and changing the world.

 We seek to build a faith-based film school in Vancouver where we train young people to make movies with redemptive story lines. Then we’ll help churches become more effective by training pastors and leaders in story and media and equipping those churches to tell stories and even create movies. In addition, we’ll discover and work with the most effective organizations to spread the gospel and alleviate poverty, become a haven for Christian artists, and partner with other production companies to help build an infrastructure that could prepare the way for long term social and spiritual change.