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This summer, we’re shooting a movie!! Why? Because our culture is disintegrating and many Christians have lost hope, but films are like a secret weapon that could turn it all around. Stories change lives, open hearts, and mould culture. Those who control the narrative, control all aspects of society. Even politics is downhill from entertainment. As Plato said, “Those who tell the stories, rule society.”

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Our vision is to start a storytelling revolution by training students, working with churches, and making dozens of God-honoring films a year. Over the past 4 years, we’ve developed a unique curriculum, enrolled 70 students in media classes, mentored 25 interns, and crafted dozens of student films. Then we sensed God pushing us to take another BIG risk and make a feature length film.

 My Forever Home is a time-travel action/thriller – with comedy, romance, and many wild twists – targeted at both the secular and faith audience.

 We plan to shoot My Forever Home for $250,000. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot to make a successful film. Napoleon Dynamite cost $400K but was seen by practically every teenager in America. And Facing the Giants cost only $100K.

Our first challenge is to raise $30,000 immediately, to cover logistics and crucial pre-production.

Join us! Together, we can change the world.  

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