Tierra Nueva

We seek to share the good news of God's freedom in Christ especially with people on the margins (immigrants, inmates, ex-offenders, the homeless).

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Tierra Nueva (New Earth) is a Christian ministry located in Burlington, Washington, that seeks to share the good news of God's freedom in Jesus Christ with people on the margins (immigrant, inmates, ex-offenders, the homeless) and mainstream people through its five ministries.  We are dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of God's reign (on earth as it is in heaven) with the oppressed for our mutual liberation, healing, empowerment, and total salvation.

To fulfill its mission, Tierra Nueva currently has the following projects:

a.  Family Support Center which ministers especially to the Skagit Valley's migrant population;

b.  Gang Ministry among gang youth to make them disciples of Jesus;

c.  Jail and Juvenile Hall Ministry seeks out prisoners who feel rejected, condemned and forgotten;

d.  New Earth Works, aims to provide a positive employment experience for people in recovery and former gang members;

e.  New Earth Recovery exists to love, strengthen, and accompany those in recovery;

f.  New Earth Refuge is a retreat enter offering space for private or guided prayer;

g.  The People's Seminary helps equip workers to take the gospel to their excluded brothers and sisters;

h.  Tierra Nueva Honduras is a partner ministry in Honduras;

i.  Worshiping Community is a gathering of people who come together to worship, pray for each other, share communion,and talk about the Bible.