Pathfinder Partners Association

Provide member care through teaching, preaching, mentoring, and coming alongside Christian workers, Christians in their dark night of the soul experience and life challenges.

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Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of Pathfinder Partners Association. Accepts donations in both CAD and USD.


Pathfinder Partners (PAPA)

A pathfinder is a pioneer; a forerunner; an explorer of new frontiers; a trail blazer; a voice that cries out in the wilderness for a special need and calling.

Who are we?

Pathfinder Partners are people called by God to provide care and support to Christians and Christian workers in their dark night experience and life challenges in both western and developing countries. We also partner with those whom God has called to meet a specific need in the world.

What is our vision? Our vision is:

To be a ‘safe people and a safe place’ for Christians and Christian workers in their pain and struggle in the dark night of the soul experience.

To come alongside and provide support and encouragement to God’s people to survive and thrive, instead of being stymied and crippled by this intense experience.

To produce resources to encourage, equip and train others to fulfill our vision.

To seek other proven pathfinder partners to meet crying needs in the world.

We are trusting God to publish the book, Dark Night of the Soul Experience (DNX), in early 2015.  The Lord willing, resources for seminar and training, and translation of the book into other languages will come later.