Let's Give Them Hope

LGTH has two locations: Musana, Zimbabwe and Twashuka, Zambia, where we provide a loving environment for orphaned and vulnerable children, to bring them hope and to prepare them for a better tomorrow.

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    Michael (Mike) & Carmen VanZanten

Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of Let's Give Them Hope. Accepts donations in both CAD and USD.


Musana, Zimbabwe and Twashuka, Zambia, are both areas with extremely limited services, where there are many orphans and vulnerable children in very impoverished situations. We care for approximately 250 of the neediest children in each location and plan to expand that number as we are able. 

We care for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of each child. We provide daily nutritious meals and health care, as well as school uniforms, books, and supplies. And we now have our own primary school in both locations! In Zimbabwe we have a vocational centre where youth can learn important skills such as carpentry and sewing. 

Our youth groups, teen projects, and children’s church are designed to provide counselling and healing. Our staff and volunteers treat each child with loving care and compassion. We believe that every child should be given the chance to hope and dream for a better future.

In both locations we have our own church called, “Hope Kingdom Fellowship.” In Zimbabwe we gather in our freshly renovated meeting hut, and in Zambia we meet in our newly built community centre. We believe this helps bring hope and healing to everyone of all ages within our communities.