ASEC - Asociacion Esperanza Chaquena

Assisting indidivuals, families, and communities; working together for a brighter future in the Paraguayan Chaco.

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Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of ASEC - Asociacion Esperanza Chaquena. Accepts donations in both CAD and USD.


ASEC (ASSOCIACION ESPERANZA CHAQUENA) is committed to lending a helping hand to individuals and communities, helping them to put dignity and self-worth back into their lives.  We are committed to being transparent and honest and to have a servant heart as the Lord has commanded us.


  • Assist in the educational aspect of poor communities.
  • Promote self-sustainability by encouraging small business, etc.
  • Advance agriculture, dairy, and beef production industries
  • Be involved in leadership training for pastors, teachers, and community leaders.
  • Promote activities of the poorest of the poor in the Paraguayan Chaco to the international community.

Thank you for your partnership during these days of blessing and opportunities!

"True evangelical faith cannot rest:

  1. It clothes the naked;
  2. It feeds the hungry;
  3. It comforts the sad;
  4. It gives shelter to the wounded;
  5. It has become everything to all men."

Menno Simons (1496-1561)