Kugana 10/40 Leadership Society

Empowering our destiny one value at a time!

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    Gary Janzen

Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of Kugana 10/40 Leadership Society. Accepts donations in both CAD and USD.


Kugana 10-40 Leadership Society was established in 2011 to educate and evangelize in the nation of Rwanda, Africa.

Kugana is a Kinyarwandan word that means “to move forward with force”!

The Kugana 10-40 Leadership Society is focused on creating value in every person.

Through a group of 40 principles from the book of Proverbs, broken down into 4 categories of 10 principles each, these lessons or roundtables as they are called, help create within the participant, a solid foundation upon which to build their life.

What if I told you we could change a nation? In partnering with Global Priority to use their material, we share and train with a simple, replicatable discipleship model that will do just that!

We say “Thoughts produce Actions, Actions become Habits, Habits form our Character, Character determines our Destiny”.

Let’s work together to bring a great word based lesson pack to disciple a nation!

Florence Drent has just joined the team! Living in Surrey, and serving the local community as well as returning to her homeland of Rwanda, Florence will bring an amazing gift of discipleship to a whole new level!