Truth Reigns

Over the last number of decades it has become clear that families in Canada are in crises. The breakdown of the family unit has led to many men, women and children experiencing trauma, abuse, violence, and addiction within and outside the home. The results have been devastating and are spilling out onto our streets. We need help. We need Jesus. Only God can restore what is so obviously a deep spiritual problem. Few churches have been equipped to support families through the complex scenario of abuse, divorce, and resultant complex trauma that often affect the whole family. Truth Reigns was birthed with a vision to see individuals healed at the soul level (mind/ will/ emotions and heart) through the ministry of inner healing and deliverance. We believe this generation was born for SUCH A TIME AS THIS and that everyone has the potential to live the best years of their lives healed and whole, no matter what the world has thrown at them!

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Truth Reigns is lead by the passion and dedication of ministers who not only care about seeing people healed and restored, but their whole lives transformed! Kelcy Snyckers pursued an interest in the ministry after discovering that the answers to her personal journey of healing were difficult to find in mainstream areas. She has been equipped with the tools of the trade with Derek Prince Ministries, Elijah House, Betsy and Chester Kylstra and hours of private ministry sessions as Holy Spirit has guided, led and trained. Kelcy has worked in various frontline ministry positions for over 15 years supporting parachurch organizations in early start-up development, outreach, administrative and fundraising capacity.

Truth Reigns serve those experiencing deep trauma and soul hurts through one/one consultations and are passionate about equipping the body of Christ in this often-misunderstood area of Christian ministry through interactive workshops. Isaiah 61, Luke 8:26-33, Psalm 103, Isaiah 43:19 have been foundational scripture for the organization.

Within the Truth Reigns stable, a divisional ministry JESUS ROCKS! It’s Not About Religion – It’s About LOVE will mentor and equip youth, minister soul healing, and also inspire them through the arts, music and dance to fulfill their respective callings in arts and entertainment.