Building Up Families Missions

Building up Families Missions is rooted in Christian values. We have been serving the welcoming community of Kitale, Kenya since 2010, when my late father embarked on his first church plant. Inspired by his legacy, my family and I established this organization to amplify our existing programs and build upon them. With unwavering faith, we consider it a privilege to extend care and comfort to the remarkable individuals whom God has placed in our path. Our vision is to alleviate poverty while imparting Godly principles to families through our diverse programs. As a Christian mission, we are dedicated to providing biblical resources through our uplifting weekly fellowships for men, women, and youth. Guided by the boundless grace and love of our Lord, we embrace the opportunity to nurture Godly character and instill foundational biblical principles that transcend cultural and societal norms.

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Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of Building Up Families Missions. Accepts donations in CAD only.


We proudly offer an array of program activities, including:

*Monthly provision of essential food to families in need                                   

*Monthly distribution of personal hygiene products for youth and girls             

*Weekly nourishing meals for youth gatherings                                           

*Engaging men, women and youth, in regular Bible studies (via video chat from Canada)                                                                                           

*Engaging in community outreach initiatives                                               

*Assisting with school fees to relieve financial burdens                                 

*Equipping individuals with practical life skills                                           

*Offering guidance and counseling to navigate life's challenges                 

*Providing support for medical emergencies and hospital expenses       

*Empowering families through farm projects                                         

*Cultivating a sustainable chicken growing program to serve as a source of income and food for families.

With God's grace, we fervently hope and pray to open a school in the future. This dream will create a safe and nurturing environment where children and youth can experience the transformative power of God’s love while receiving a quality education that empowers them to flourish.