ROP Resourcing Foundation

To serve local churches in Brazil and around the world through the gift of preaching, leadership consulting, focused on discipleship and revival with an emphasis on the next generation.

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    South America

Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of ROP Resourcing Foundation. Accepts donations in CAD only.


The objective is to introduce the resource of "Rites of Passage" that focuses on discipling men in the churches and teaching biblical manhood to train and raise up a generation of godly men through the local churches in partnership with local Church leadership.

As well, to work towards connecting local churches to promote a spirit of unity amongst the various denominations and church networks that exist. 

This is done through preaching and leadership meetings with a variety of churches, and using the Rites of Passage content (in process of developing and finalizing content to be translated and accessible to the Brazilian churches).