Missio Dei Discipleship Ministries

Missio Dei Discipleship Ministries exists to provide church leaders and pastors in East Africa with theological education and training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

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The Need
The Gordon Conwell Center for Global Christianity estimates a total of 5 million
pastors/priests in all Christian traditions worldwide. Of these, they estimate that 5% (250,000) are likely to have formal theological training (undergraduate Bible degrees or Master’s degrees). One of the greatest challenges facing the Church today is that most pastors in the majority world often have inadequate theological training.

The Mission
Missio Dei, in partnership with Bridgeworld College (based in Nairobi, Kenya), exists to equip, train, and mentor African pastors, lay leaders, and missionaries. Bridgeworld College offers formal training with diplomas in Christian Ministry, Counselling, and Theology. The College also offers practical training through the Africa Mentoring Training Network (ATMN), offering mentorship, workshops, seminars and conferences. Bridgeworld College has been investing in men and women for the past 20 years, with alumni serving in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Zambia, DRC, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

The People
Paul and Jina, along with their young son Isaiah, will reside in Kenya to do the work of Missio Dei. Paul will teach theology at Bridgeworld College and work within the Africa Training and Mentoring Network. If you have any questions about the work of Missio Dei or Bridgeworld College, Paul and Jina would love to connect with you.

Your Partnership
Your prayer and financial support are vital to the work of Missio Dei Discipleship
Ministries. As pastors, lay leaders, and missionaries grow into healthy disciples, they go on to plant healthy churches that make healthy disciples, who carry on the mission of Jesus. Thank you so much in partnering with us in investing in disciple-makers in East Africa.