Katalyst World Partners

Accelerating the global church with sustainable strategies

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    Greg Constable

Donate to ICMS in support of the ministry of Katalyst World Partners. Accepts donations in both CAD and USD.


Katalyst World Partners (KATALYST) is a community of Jesus-followers who long to see disciples of Christ in every nation. 

To this end, in partnership with like-minded disciple-making ministries around the world, we seek to extend their reach and magnify their impact. 

By focusing on sustainable catalysts such as: Education, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship, we provide physical and spiritual hope in Jesus’ name.

Mobilizing the church

While traditional models of mobilization continue to be relevant, alternative methods of “sending” have also been emerging.  In recognition of these changing realities, Katalyst seeks to harness old, new and innovative methodologies of engaging the whole church. 

What is distinctive about Katalyst

  • Our organizational focus is on unreached populations
  • We strive to empower discipleship ministries with self-sustainable models.
  • We foster holistic ministry through skillsets such as education, agriculture and                 entrepreneurship.
  • We value innovation and seek to develop new ways of generating financial support for both cross-cultural workers and indigenous ministries.
  • We ourselves are structured on a virtual office model. Our leadership and sending teams are not required to live in the same geographic region thereby enabling us to engage a larger pool of talent and diversely experienced team to support its work around the world.